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Uniform List

We have an expectation that all our performers come to class in the correct uniform. 

If we feel the part, it can help us feel more confident to perform. 

All Emjay class and exam uniform can be purchased through our IDS website. 

Please email us for the link. Or if you are a member of this website, it is posted on the members chat. 


All Ballet classes, including PBT please wear your hair in a neat bun. 

All Modern, Jazz, MT and Commerical classes, please where your hair in a neat up style hair style such as a pony tail, plait or bun. 

All hair accessories can be brought from the Emjay IDS dance shop. 

Uniform: On the IDS Emjay Dance Academy website. All uniform is listed for each grade. 

Jazz/MT/Performance Skills any leotard can be worn as long as it is accompanied with black dance tights or black dance shorts. 

If your child is the Emjay Elite Team, there is a seperate uniform which needs to be worn to competitions and show events. 

Please contact us if you have any enquries. 

Uniform : Uniform
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